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Our executive summit series is an essential benefit for PMVG member CEOs and CTOs.

October 2023

New York, NY

PMVG and Google produced a CEO Summit for PMVG executive leaders and decision-makers, held for the first time in NYC. This Summit focused on the future of public media’s role as a news and information hub, and the ways in which PMVG stations can continue working toward innovation, sustainability, and leadership within our changing industry.

Image by Mike C. Valdivia

December 2021


A virtual summit for PMVG CTOs, the December 2021 meeting provided a deep-dive for engineers on the ATSC 3.0 transition, tower networking, datacasting, 3.0 broadcast application framework, and 3.0 coverage evaluation. Attendees also heard presentations on the ATSC 3.0 Roadshow from NAB PILOT and 3.0 transition “boots on the ground” reports from station colleagues.


October 2020


Another virtual session for CEOs was held in fall 2020 with a two-day meeting on E-Learning/Remote Education Initiatives. The meeting touched on four central components that impact public broadcasting's response to the digital divide: Public television stations, teachers, tech developers, and funders.


January 2020

Tampa, FL

This CTO Summit for PMVG engineers became our last in-person meeting before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With the ATSC 3.0 transition underway, the meeting focused on technical considerations and station strategies for transitioning, signal frequency network architecture and 3.0 use cases, culminating with a day of sessions at Nielsen’s Global Technology and Innovation Center.


November 2018

San Francisco, CA

Our first full-scale meeting for CEOs was co-hosted with Google at their offices in San Francisco. The first day was dedicated to NextGen TV updates and PMVG-related incorporation and organization business. The second day featured an impressive array of presentations by Google executives in the areas of Google News, Google Cloud, arts and culture, user insights, and much more.


January 2018

Palo Alto-Mountain View, CA

PMVG’s inaugural CEO meeting was held over three days in Palo Alto and Mountain View, CA. It included company strategy discussions and media insights, sessions on ATSC 3.0’s impact on audience, analytics, content, and public service and TV technology, 3.0 experimentation, and presentations by Google executives on news, augmented/virtual reality, cloud strategy and more.


December 2022

San Francisco, CA

PMVG and Google presented a face-to-face Summit for the first time in nearly three years at Google San Francisco. Topics were geared toward both public TV managers and technologists, including new funding and revenue options, media production and delivery in the cloud, the mobile data marketplace, and news programming. Thirteen plenary sessions were presented along with concurrent CEO and CTO tracks.

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

October 2021


This virtual PMVG-Google CEO Summit covered a wide range of topics, particularly ones pertinent to public station leaders in a time of global crisis and civil unrest. The meeting focused on local news and innovation within Google and public broadcasting, and the role each plays in the fight against disinformation. Other topics included investing in education and remote learning, ATSC 3.0 transition updates, and the future of media.

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September 2020


In fall 2020, PMVG began the first of its virtual Summits. The half-day virtual meeting was geared toward CEOs and placed a significant focus on local news. PMVG station executives participated in presentations and discussions on the Public Media Mergers Playbook Project, YouTube TV, and tactics for stations to further their leadership roles in local journalism.

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June 2019

San Francisco, CA

With the scale of the PMVG-Google partnership growing, another CEO Summit was held at Google’s offices to deepen previous conversations and ideation work. The meeting also provided member station and shareholder updates and continued PMVG’s strategic planning activities.


September 2018

Raleigh, NC

PMVG’s first meeting for lead station engineers focused on the “why and the how” of NextGen TV. Meeting topics included 3.0’s impact on interactive and emergency alerting features, new production models, audience measurement, station infrastructure, and single frequency networks.


October 2017

Washington, DC

PMVG was launched in 2017 by Marc Hand and a group of public media’s most innovative stations. A kickoff meeting was held in Washington, DC, to discuss the new organization’s structure, goals, and its role within the commercial television industry’s approach to the ATSC 3.0 transition.

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