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PMVG is a nonprofit business development consortium of 32 leading public media organizations. 

We are committed to

Helping public television stations transition to NextGen TV. 


Developing and implementing a range of new service opportunities that fully leverage NextGen technology.

Helping public media organizations preserve local sources of news and information and build new service models based on the hybridization of print, broadcast, and digital platforms.

PMVG’s sole focus is leveraging NextGen TV and developing scalable use cases to help sustain public broadcasting’s vital services over the long-term. 


3300 Arapahoe Ave.

Suite 207
Boulder, CO 80303


(303) 781-5101


Information for viewers of

Please be aware that channel 35 will upgrade its signal to NextGen TV on or about October 22, 2023. You will need a receiver compatible with NextGen TV (ATSC 3.0) to continue receiving channel 35. However, you can continue to receive this PBS programming on WCTE, channel 22, after the channel 35 upgrade. Viewers of WCTE, channel 22, will not be affected by this change.

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